-Cultivating Transformation-

Mission & Methods

Community Outreach Worldwide through Agriculture Programs and Production


At Victors Homestead Farms we seek to break new ground, to grow and expand at a community level. VHF provides opportunities for access to healthy, fresh local foods to areas where it is in need. We intend to develop partnerships and production sites around the world. Increasing awareness for sustainable, localized agriculture is crucial the growing demand for healthy foods in the world. There is potential for growth and change everywhere. Are you ready?


VHF is currently developing operations for restoration in Ohio for a perennial produce farm and Co-Op. In Isiolo, Kenya we support Martin Muthuri of CLUB Brothers’ Keeper. He operates a small orphanage project caring for close to 200 orphans and setting up community outreach facilities (4 thus far) in surrounding villages of the Kenyan bush country. Martin brings the message of the Gospel with him in all his work and ministry to the poor.

How can we help you in your community? looking to develop some land for food production or considering a community oriented education initiative? Seeking to participate in our international orphanage program or local food Co-Ops? Contact Us!

About US

Interested in fresh local foods produced by the people in your community? The VHF Co-Op offers access to food that has been specifically produced for you, locally, by people in your community and is always fresh from the farm directly to you!
How is your community being nurtured to thrive?

All our operations are agri-based, locally sourced and seek to provide specialized foods, education and community programs as well as Co-Op opportunities to the people and establishments of the community we serve. Victors Homestead Farms, Inc. (VHF) exists to provide life’s essentials to those in need, for the good of all through natural, sustainable practices. It is our goal to have a positive impact on the community as whole and we do this with healthy, locally grown and sourced foods specifically produced in that community, by that community, for that community.

VHF is...

Everyone here and so many more are responsible for the impact and transformation that Victors Homestead Farms, Inc. brings to the communities of the world. Let us seek first the Kingdom, and all else will be added to it. Thank you all!

Board & Directors

Directors: Josh Rider, Brian Hanko, Nathan Rawdon, Scott Rawlings and Martin Miriti
The Board itself consists of approx. 10 other people who have given greatly of their time, talent and treasures for the sake of advancing our vision and mission.

Sponsors & Volunteers

Making it happen, every day in every way. We thank you!
At any given time, VHF is seeking to grow and develop new relationships. We are also developing community programs and business partnerships with schools, local businesses and churches, developing land for production and providing clientele for local businesses.

VHF Blog & Events

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