-Cultivating Transformation-

Where is what you eat coming from?

Increasing Localized Access and Preserving Sustainable Practices


Victors Homestead Farms Inc. is a non-profit organization engaged in developing localized food networks. Our goal is the implementation of programs for local agircultural businesses to begin producing higher volumes of in demand foods. Agriculture should always be part of community, lets grow together.


As an organization we intend to ensure the land within our communities is managed properly in order to minimize negative environmental impact and also to restore space that may be under utilized or vacant. It is part of our purpose to ensure that what we do today to feed ourselves will also feed the future.

Where is your food coming from? We are always looking for producers interested in scaling up and actively identifying the products in demand within your local network. Contact us to find out about partnerships!
How is your community being nurtured to thrive?