April 26, 2016

Our Model

Our Model is to establish facilities for agri-based co-op programs that provide healthy food and education opportunities to local communities. While the model is basic, it is also diverse. Each project is specifically designed for the community it is in. This model is essentially based on a specialized “farm” concept with access to local markets for outsourcing and networking. The design for growth and operations are self-sustaining and intended to have a positive impact on local economic and community development.  Everyone needs food; food offers us life and teaches us about life. Re-connecting the people of a community with the food they eat gives them a sense of ownership, confidence and unity. Food is the future, it always has been, and now is the time to see to the future.

In Deerfield, OH VHF is currently in partnership with a local school FFA Chapter developing opportunities and programs for interactive education experiences. We also produce a variety of our own produce, eggs and beef with access to other local fruits and veggies, meats and even dairy. Community members can join our CSA and get seasonal, monthly and weekly meal plans including all the raw ingredients and recipes for 3-4 meals a week. Participating in this not only helps grow and establish local business, it builds a stronger community and gives everyone the ability to participate in producing and preparing the food they are eating!

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In Isiolo, Kenya VHF is developing a sustainable orphanage project where we are currently caring for over 100 orphans from 4-5 different villages on a regular basis as well as caring for the elderly providing basic hygiene and nutrition needs. We currently have a small school open to the children and are seeking sponsors to help us build our own facility where the children can not only learn and find shelter but also live together.