April 26, 2016

Our Staff


Victors Homestead Farms has a dedicated and diverse US located staff and Board of Directors from a variety career fields, with knowledge and experience for the decisions to be made. Together we design, implement and bring to completion the various procedures and projects we are involved in. Through all of this we strive to build excellent relationships and reputation in order to not only succeed as an organization but also as individuals, to allow others to see that we are all capable of bringing change to our lives and communities, we are the change.

Victors Homestead Farms has 1 staff member on the ground in Isiolo. Current Vice President of Victors Homestead Farms, Martin Miriti is a skilled and knowledgeable teacher, leader, builder and medic. He has a family of 4 daughters and a wife and has been our feet on the ground as Field Coordinator since we began in 2013.