April 26, 2016

What We Do

widows and orphansIn Kenya, Victors Homestead Farms is helping a native missionary develop an orphanage program and build an orphanage. He currently cares for hundreds of orphans and widows by providing food, water, personal hygiene and illness care, life skills training and shelter. The needs of these people are diverse, often difficult and greatly impact their view of self and others.baptize2

Because of this we seek to meet people where they are with essential life-giving resources and unite these communities around one another, allowing for the otherwise outcast, downtrodden individuals to have the opportunity to succeed in life, to be victors. Victors’ Homestead Farms seeks to meet these needs thru simple community based education events that provide the means for the orphans and widows to survive, heal and grow. These events are held weekly in villages all around Isiolo in order to develop strong relationships with the people in each place and meet their specific needs in a way that has the most positive impact on them. We are consistently growing our impact zones, as well as our support and staff.