April 26, 2016

What We Do

In Kenya, Victors Homestead Farms, Inc. works with Martin Miriti who operates an orphanage program and ministry to the poor in northern Kenya. Providing food, water, hygiene and illness care as well as life skills training and access to public schools  for more than 150 orphans, Martin travels between more than 5 towns and villages caring for the poor, abandoned and malnourished children, and elderly. The needs of these people are diverse, often challenging and greatly impact their view of self and others. Martin operates the organization Club Brothers Keeper, and together we have successfully been able to offer new lives and opportunity to more than 100 orphaned children and we have ongoing need of support for the basic essentials of food and water as well as education for these programs to operate. Please consider partnering with us through giving as we work to see more lives changed the community outreach around the world.





Through partnerships like this, VHF seeks to meet people where they are with essential life-giving resources and unite communities around  the world with one another, allowing for the otherwise outcast, downtrodden individuals to have the opportunity to succeed in life. In the US VHF is developing programs to fund development of localized sustainable agriculture for struggling farmers and communities. These programs seek to re-establish the connections between the food we eat and the people that produced it, while at the same time investing in local economies and preserving green space!