April 26, 2016

Who We Are

All our operations are agri-based, locally sourced and seek to provide specialized foods, education and community programs as well as Co-Op’s/Partnerships to the people of the community we serve. 

Victors Homestead Farms (VHF) exists to provide life’s essentials to those in need, for the good of all through sustainable practices founded on strong education and leadership principles, life skills and community-oriented interactive programs. We are currently in, and developing, partnerships globally with local businesses and organizations in order to maximize our effective impact within whatever community we may be operating.


At Victors Homestead Farms we seek to meet the needs of those in need in any given community around the world and in so doing, we hope to have a positive impact on the community as whole and we do this with healthy, locally grown and sourced foods specifically produced in that community, by that community, for that community.

After identifying those people and their needs we consider the community’s land use and co-op potential and develop a model for that specific place. Based on fundamental principals for stable localized operation, integrated program development specific to the community and a specialized produce model for that areas food-culture and demographics a facility will be put in place to operate and invest in that communities relational and economic growth and stability. Everyone needs to eat to live but not all food offers the same quality of life. The Physical, Emotional and Spiritual needs of the cultures and communities of the World are vast and difficult, but we understand that there is life, hope and growth in the message of the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ and we make it our priority to let our lives shine in our work ethic, our relationships and our business practices.

Our vision is based on an understanding that life’s essentials can be obtained when we understand what is essential to life and what healthy life is. Our focus is on the potential for our lives rather than the predicaments of them and on implementing methods at a localized level that bring versatile, positive change to any community.

We believe that interacting with, learning about and growing food, personally nurturing plants to see a life flourish because of your work, is a valuable experience that should be used to restore life to individuals and communities around the World and use this philosophy in all of our projects. In the book of James, ch. 1 vs.22-25 we are called to be “doers of the word, not hearers only,…” we are called to examine our lives as we do our faces in a mirror and to remember who we are and what we created for. 


Victors Homestead Farms has the desire to impact the suffering, stagnant communities in cities, towns and villages all around the World. Our Mission and Message offer opportunity for life, hope and sustainable provision that can potentially impact any region or community’s society and economy in a positive way. With our Vision and Team involved, we offer experienced Planning and Development consulting from an educated and knowledgeable Board of Advisors, Staff and Research Group. At Victors Homestead Farms, we acknowledge that no one person’s life exists alone, apart from the lives of others. Life is intended to be a shared experience and VHF has life to share, “For the good of all…”